Howard "Guitar" Luedtke & Blue Max


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Say the name Howard “Guitar” Luedtke, and little more needs to be said. Howard is a staple in the Blues scene and with good reason. He has 50 plus years of playing guitar in both the Midwest and on the international stage.

In 1964, Howard got his first guitar and today when he picks up his Les Paul, he will transport you into the world of the blues. He's incredibly talented and his passion and love for what he does shows.

Howard’s guitar playing is hard, fast, and immaculate. He’s truly one of those players who lives in harmony with his instrument. That connection only comes with experience and an undying need to share his sound.

Howard can be seen performing solo, as a duo with his wife "Magic Deb" Klossner on bass, or his three-piece rock blues band Blue Max, that includes “Wild Bill" Weiss on drums. Be sure to check them out!

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